Divorce Appeals

In order for an appeal to be accepted, your attorney needs to prove the following:

  • the decision failed to follow controlling legal principles,
  • the decision was an abuse of discretion, and
  • the decision is not based on substantial credible evidence.

The appeals process can take a long time. During this process, the original terms of the divorce will remain in effect. This includes any property division, alimony, and child custody agreements.

Stay Pending Appeal

However, a stay pending appeal can cease the terms and conditions before the appeal is heard in court. In order for this to happen, your attorney must demonstrate the following:

  • irreparable harm will result from enforcement of the judgment pending appeal,
  • the appeal presents a meritorious issue and you will likely succeed on the merits, and
  • assessment of the relative hardship to the parties reveals that greater harm will occur if a stay is not granted than if it is granted.

Is an Appeal Right For You?

Deciding to appeal a court’s decision can mean that you will face even more stress, confusion, and costs along the way. However, if you are unable to move forward due to the conditions of your divorce, it might be the right time to appeal. Let our Minneapolis divorce lawyers determine if appealing is right for you. We can provide you with information regarding the process and all of the the costs you need to consider.

Contact Our Minneapolis Divorce Lawyers

Not all divorces are going to be smooth. You may be tired from all of the stress and fighting. You may be angry, financially drained, and emotionally exhausted. An appeal may be your only solution, or you may find that it is simply not worth it. Let our experienced Minneapolis divorce appeals attorney help you get what you want and walk away from the stress of unacceptable terms and conditions in a divorce agreement. Contact Goldstein Law Office today at 763-450-1500.

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