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“A Poetic Primer on Family Law”

By Charles Goldstein

“Spousal Maintenance in Retirement: The Baby Boom Comes of Age”

Featured in the Hennepin Lawyer (October, 2008) Given the growing percentage of the Baby Boom population nearing retirement and the commonplace permanent spousal maintenance obligations ordered in recent decades, the law applicable to modifications of “permanent” spousal maintenance due to retirement is bound to evolve and be a hotbed of contention between divorced parties.

“Collaborative Law: Getting Clients Out of the War Zone of Litigation into Peaceful Problem Solving”

Featured in the Hennepin Lawyer (March 2007)

“The Enforceability of Religious Agreements as Antenuptials In Minnesota”

Constitutional and contractual issues surrounding asserted antenuptial claims of two religions: Judaism and Islam. (Hennepin Lawyer, 2005)

“Divorce Primer for the Corporate Attorney”

How your clients may be impacted by matrimonial law. (Hennepin Lawyer, 2003)

“The Holistic Law Office”

Rethink work, clients, the world! (Hennepin Lawyer, 2003)

“Toppling 12 Myths of Marriage Dissolution”

Dispelling divorce myths. (Hennepin Lawyer, 2001)

“Referral Roulette: Keeping the Faith of Clients and Avoiding Negligent Referral to a Family Law Attorney”

Helpful information for attorneys. (Hennepin Lawyer, 1999)

“Life Insurance as Security in the Post Marriage World”

A discussion of life insurance problems in divorce decrees. (Hennepin Lawyer,1998)

“Divorce Primer for the Real Estate Attorney”

It is essential that the real estate attorney have a working knowledge of the potential ramifications of a divorce, separation or annulment on a real estate transaction. Discussion includes filing requirements, equitable ownership, payment of spousal liens upon closing, capital gain on sale of principal residence, and other special problems. (Hennepin Lawyer, 1995)

“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Client: Essentials for the Non-Family Practitioner”

This article highlights the importance of knowing how your client might be impacted by matrimonial law in regards to personal injury, for example. It also posts awareness that the practitioner considering a tort action naming an ex-spouse as defendant must be cautious in reviewing the divorce decree. (Hennepin Lawyer, 1992)

“A Race To Settle May Leave You Short”

by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
To concentrate on both short and long term interests, use these professionals.

“Parenting Plan Considerations”

by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
There are many things to consider in a parenting plan.

“Absent Parent Returns, Active Parent in Turmoil”

by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
This article discusses issues and strategies to manage the return of an absent parent who demands access.

“Divorce: What if court wasn’t an option?”

by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
First came litigation, then mediation… now it’s collaborative law. Inroads to settling divorce without going to court.

“Helping separated parents communicate”

by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
Can’t get along well enough to communicate effectively. Try this.

“Divorce Primer on Small Businesses for the Corporate Attorney”

By Charles Goldstein