Client Testimonials

“I’ve saved the message when you called and said that I won in court, how great it is!” -Karon

“I want to thank you for your representation over the course of the last six months. When I first hired you for my case, you had to scramble and get ready for an initial court hearing in just two days, and I appreciated your willingness to do so. During our process you have been concerned about not only representing me, but also, more importantly, the best interest of my teenage boys. In my book, that is what makes you one of the best in your profession!” -Mike A.

“Thank you so very much Charlie for everything you and your staff did to make this most unpleasant experience bearable.” -Linda D.

“I can ramble on further about my gratitude. I am especially grateful to you for always keeping me on track through this whole process. I felt so emotional about everything most of the time, it sometimes was hard to keep focused on our goals. You are both very easy to work with and knowledgeable. Thanks, again!” -Yvonne C.

“Thanks much for making my divorce so easy. I have peace of mind now and I appreciate the way you handled everything.” -Betty J.

“I cannot convey to you the depth of my gratitude for your help in ensuring my son’s safety with his visitation with his father, and the child support you have helped raise to the state standard. I am so glad I know you! You are a gem, and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all that you have done! Thanks!” -Yvonne D.

“I certainly will send any potential clients your way. You did a wonderful job for me during a very stressful time in my life. Thanks for your patience with my impatience. In retrospect, I’m glad the process was slower than I thought it would be. Thank you again!” -Jim D.

“With the life-changing event of divorce, I appreciated Charles Goldstein and his team for their expertise in the law, their compassion with my situation and most of all, for the trust that was established throughout the process.”

“Absolutely positively fantastic! You did a great job. Please e-mail me the decision. I want to see it. You have turned sand to silver.” – John B.

“Mr. Goldstein ensured that I continued to move forward efficiently through the divorce process and helped me to understand the legal issues vs. emotional issues of divorce. His firm was sensitive to my concerns and utilized their legal experience to secure a settlement that was in my best interest.”

“Mr. Goldstein has written some excellent articles on marriage dissolution and selection of an attorney that are available on the web. For such a life-changing event as divorce can be, I felt assured that I had selected the firm with the expertise I was looking for. May all good things come your way.” -Pamela F.

“Charlie was extremely knowledgeable and efficient in the dissolution of my marriage. In addition to the completion of the divorce proceedings, they handled many details such as property and retirement account transfers for me.”

“Thanks for your perfect handling of this bizarre divorce. I have been so impressed, in spite of being a basket case, but I am great now with him gone. You were always there, and you saved my life and sanity. I am moving forward and have big plans for the future. Thanks so very much.” -Ruth Ann D.

“The Goldstein Law Office did a great job representing one of my employees in a child custody matter. He is far more productive and happier after the fine job they did representing him. I would recommend them to anyone.” -Michael Hrdlicka, President of NIDA Marketing Group, Inc.

“I miss seeing you, I never thought I would say that to a lawyer, but you truly have been a strong support to me for almost three years. I think that you are a perfect gentleman and have stayed true to who you are as a person and behaved with dignity throughout.” -Josie B.

“Ever since the kids started to come home every day after school, their grades have greatly improved. Their teachers have commented at every conference how well they are doing and said that whatever I did to change from the beginning of the year, keep doing! I owe you a lot.” -Tracy H.

“Today was a successful day. You were amazing at keeping the procedure moving, and that is extremely beneficial to what remains of our finances. This is the first day in eight months that I have felt some financial relief is in the future.” – Paula W.

“I wanted to let you know that everything has been worked out regarding the order. I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for me and my family. Please feel free to close this case at your earliest convenience. Again, thank you for all your hard work. It was greatly appreciated.” – Jonathan H.

“Words alone can’t express the joy that was on our faces as my daughter and I saw each other. It seemed like it was yesterday that I last saw her and we had a great time. Thank you for helping make it possible.” – Mike S.

“Charlie and his law firm provided a great service for me and they exceeded my expectations. Charlie listened to my case thoroughly and made legal advice that addressed the core issue. I strongly recommend his legal service.” – Michael E

“Charles Goldstein is a friendly and highly competent family law attorney. Family law cases can be highly emotional, but Charles finds a way to work with his clients and guide them through even the most adversarial situations. I have no reservations about giving him my recommendation.” – Dave Forro, Attorney, Caldecott & Forro, P.L.C.

“I have worked with Charlie as opposing counsel on cases and also have interacted with Charlie on list services in which Charlie has provided assistance and guidance to other attorneys. I have always found Charlie to be extremely knowledgeable, a strong and compassionate advocate for his clients’ needs, and reasonable and understanding of the issues involved in the individual cases. Many attorneys look up to Charlie and value his knowledge and experience, and his willingness to assist other attorneys.” -Brian Aho, Attorney, Motin Law Office, PA

“Attorney on opposing sides. He always conducted himself in a most professional manner and when a new case came in the office with his name on the other side I knew that the matter would be handled efficiently and in the interest of both sides to reduce tension and overall expense with both parents able to continue to parent their children in the future with the children’s best interest in mind.”- Steve Goldfarb, Pres., Goldfarb Law Office, P.A.

“I have worked with Charles on collaborative cases and found him collegial and very open to creative solutions.”-Stuart Webb, Collaborative Family Lawyer, S.G. Webb Collaborative Family Law

“Charlie was the right attorney to partner with during a tough time in my life. His careful attention to details, knowledge in what the options were and possible results, both positive and not so positive, were some of the many ways he gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing. I always felt that I was informed at each step of the legal process. His excellent choices in his support staff told me that I was in good hands. Because of the excellent treatment I received, I have recommended others to Goldstein Law Office.” –Louise I.

“Charlie’s family law practice is founded on a firm foundation of empathy, compassion and a keen knowledge of the law. He fully recognizes that most of his clients never anticipated that they would be facing a legal crisis. Emphasizing collaborative settlement, rather than litigation, Charlie and his team of experts, calmly and patiently guide clients through a process designed to minimize the human costs of family conflict. Charlie provides not only legal services, but he provides a safe harbor in the midst of stormy seas.”- David A.

“During the years that I worked at the University of Minnesota Law School Career & Professional Development Center, Charles Goldstein was enormously helpful to students in three ways: he regularly hired them as law clerks, he was always willing to make panel presentations about his family law practice, and he was always willing to talk to students about family law — both in organized mentor programs and informally. He was a consistent support of the Career and Professional Development Office and University of Minnesota Law School students..” Susan Gainen, Director, Co-Director or JD/Alumni Advisor, Career and Professional Development Center at the University of Minnesota Law School

“Charles did an excellent job handling my case and when I needed documents turned around ASAP they pulled through to quickly resolve my case. Would definitely use Charles again!”- Steve J.

“Charles is a knowledgeable and aggressive family law litigator. I highly respect his work and endorse him as legal counsel.”-Maury Beaulier, Managing Attorney,

“I have known Charlie for almost 10 years now and know him to have high ethical standards in his practice and he really cares about his clients and producing the best possible outcomes for them. I highly recommend him and his firm.” Stefan Silverman, Owner, Business Broker & Outsourced Franchise Sales Director, Franchise Jones Consulting

“Without reservation, I recommend Charles Goldstein, Esq. Among Minnesota attorneys, Mr. Goldstein is well-known as a leading expert in all issues of family law.” Tricia Dwyer, Esq., Attorney

“Family law can often result in conflict even between the lawyers, but that is not the case with Charlie Goldstein. He is a kind, respectful attorney who works together with opposing counsel and party to find creative solutions to difficult problems.” Traci (Theresa) Capistrant, Partner, Capistrant & Wong, P.A.

“As an attorney who has also practiced family law, I can certainly recommend Charles Goldstein as a family law attorney. He and his staff treat his clients with respect and he provides his clients with honest opinions and advocacy in representation.” -Dave Forro, Attorney, Caldecott & Forro, P.L.C.

“Charlie is a dedicated and goal-oriented family law attorney who has contributed much to the Minnesota legal community.”- Emily Cooper, Experienced Family Law Attorney for clients of modest means, Cooper & Reid, LLC

“Charlie made a very difficult process one where there were great win-win results. His calming manor and focus on what’s important made the entire event go smoothly. Charlie was recommended to me by a personal friend and I am happy to say that I would heartily recommend him to anyone.” Thomas A. K.

“Charlie has appeared before me several times over the years. He has always represented his clients well. I found him to be organized, prepared, professional, and a good advocate for his clients’ interests. Charlie, or one of the attorneys at his firm, can help guide people through the family court process in a caring and respectful manner.”- Jill Prohofsky, Child Support Magistrate, State of Minnesota

“Charlie is a passionate, ingenious, and hardworking attorney. Whenever possible, Charlie advocates for alternative dispute resolution to keep families together by keeping them out of the court room setting. While working as a law clerk for Charlie, I was so impressed by Charlie’s attention to the details of his cases and the relationships he formed with his clients. Charlie has a broad range of experience in family law, and uses his skills to develop creative and powerful arguments for his clients. He is an active member of the community and has a wide range of business and personal contacts. I highly recommend Charlie as an attorney, employer, or networking connection.”- Marit Karbowski, Law Clerk, Goldstein Law Office

“Charles truly cares about each of his clients and their objectives, and he works very hard to represent them thoroughly and efficiently. There is no substitution for the depth of knowledge and skill he has acquired through 20+ years of experience. I have been fortunate enough to call him a mentor, and I would gladly refer my own family and friends to his office any day.”-Kelly Stengert, Law Clerk, Goldstein Law Office, P.A.

“I have worked with Charles for the past 10 years and find him to be very professional and have heard only good things about him. If I was in need of a divorce lawyer and I’m happy to say I’m not, I would call Charles in a heartbeat.”-Eric Goldberg, VP, Benchmark Reporting Agency

“Charlie was so helpful during my divorce. He responded quickly to e-mails and phone calls- unlike some of the other attorneys I have worked with in the past. His services are worth more than the cost.” –Tom L.